Welcome to Koshomind! This web site is the personal site of one student of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo (Kenpo).

It was originally intended to be a site all about Kosho Ryu as my main project for my web design class at the local community college. After passing the class (with an A!), it has has become a place for me to practice the things I've been learning about web design, PHP, ASP, Javascript and SQL (web programming and database applications), and basically a place for me to goof around!

So, while you may be able to find some information here about Kosho Ryu Kempo, that will not be the sole subject of this site anymore. I will put up some links to some valid web sites dedicated entirely to Kosho Ryu at some point so the seeking student can find a certified teacher nearest their location.

I am not practicing Kempo any more. I actually had to stop several years ago due to horrible hip pain. The pain became bearable only if I wasn't practicing. Working (which is always on my feet, running around, carrying heavy things, etc.) is about all I can handle without aggravating my hip. Extending my activity much beyond that causes immense pain for weeks afterward, so regrettably, I had to stop my practice. All Kosho information posted on this site is from my notebooks from over the years, and as I said before, is from the understanding of a basically beginning student, so please do bear that in mind as you read. There are bound to be some mistakes here or there.

This site tends to sit unchanged for months at a time, and then receive a flurry of updates, as it really only gets my attention when the mood inspires me to get back to it. That said, please browse around the areas that may interest you, and stop back by every now and then for possible new info!

Thanks for stopping by,
Mike Rondeau