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I have many interests. Among them, and probably the most deeply rooted within me is my interest in the secret, spiritual nature of the being of Man. Ever since I can remember (and I remember things from as far back as 2 years old) I have had spiritual experience after spiritual experience. I've seen spirits, definitely against my will, been healed instantly via the power of prayer, seen life threatening events seconds before they happen with just enough time to keep me from getting killed. I also am generally psychic in the sense that I "feel" what others feel, though not to the extremes that I experienced in my teens.

Think what you will about my first paragraph above. If you are skeptical or disbelieving that's fine, it really makes no difference to me. But for others with similar experiences, or just mild curiosity, what ever, this set of pages is for you. Because of my psychic-type experiences coming and going throughout my life, I've wanted to know "why" this happens to me, and "how" it works, so I could turn the damned stuff off, or do something creative and useful with it, instead of being at it's random whim.

This lead me to spending hours in the local library researching everything I could find on psychic and paranormal research. This didn't satisfy me or give me any real answers. It only multiplied my questions, though it did give some relief that I wasn't the only oddball out there!

Later I had come across books on witchcraft and ceremonial magic. Being born and raised in the LDS (Mormon) religion, I knew these must all be evil, but I wanted answers! In reading them I saw that they aren't evil, they just deal with a different view of what God (or Gods) is, and what is Man's relationship with THAT.

Blabity bla, finally I discovered the Qabalah, which is the secret, or occult(which means "hidden", not evil. Look it up in the dictionary please) or esoteric aspect of Judaism. It was the Qabalists who wrote the Bible. Qabalists designed all of the symbolism of the Tarot as well. Tarot is an amazing, AMAZING tool for spiritual awakening. Yes, it can be used for divination, but that is not what it's real purpose is. It is a recepticle and transmitter of the ancient knowledge and experience of the learned Qabalists.

In the Qabalah and Tarot I had found the answers my soul had been searching for. I invite you to follow the link above to my Tarot section of, for an overview of some of the meaning of Tarot. Included are some of the Tarot images that I've been working with in Adobe Photoshop. Eventually I will get back to work on the Tarot section so all of the Major Keys are colored and have a writeup. For now, I give you what little I've done so far, just the first few Tarot Keys. Please be patient :)