Hanshi Video #2

This is one of a series of three video's I found on "Youtube" that features Hanshi Bruce Juchnik teaching at a seminar, I believe in Brazil, to some Kajukenbo folks. One little known fact is that Hanshi teamed up with his friend, way back when, in California, to introduce and spread the teaching of Arnis in the United States. Because of Hanshi and his friend (I am sorry but I've long forgotten the other guy's name... he later went on to found "Kajukenbo", which is basically like a mix of Arnis and Kosho Ryu Kenpo), Arnis and also Kajukenbo was introduced and has taken root in the US.

Hanshi has kept a lot of arnis teachings in Kosho Ryu out of respect and honor for his friend. Here in these videos you will see a good deal of his Arnis skillzorz in action. There is no experience on earth like actually working with Bruce Juchnik. Straight up, he's got to be the most amazing man I've ever met.

Video 2