The Qabalistic Tree of Life

The Qabalistic Tree of Life.

The Qabalists are the people who wrote every book in the Holy Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments. The Qabalistic "Tree of Life" is an extremely ancient symbol, a diagram of both the nature of God (the universal Life), the Macrocosm, and the nature of Man (the personal, individual Life), the Microcosm.

For the time being, instead of presenting my own understanding of this most sacred symbol and tool, the Tree of Life, I will simply post a few introductory videos on the subject from that can give an idea of what this glyph points the mind to. It is a sacred symbol. It is a picture of you and me and of every other thing under the sun. What ever IS, has it's place in this glyph and using this symbol human beings can come to a clearer understanding of their relationship with every other thing.

Eventually I'll get off of my duff and write my own pages for this subject, but for now I have other things to worry about. So, for now, I'll let our extended family on Youtube give you an introduction to the subject

B'shalom (In Peace)
Mike Rondeau