PHP Tarot Divination

This is a project I've been working on using PHP programming to generate a Tarot divination. It randomly lays down 10 cards, simulating a real-time divination. It's got it's share of bugs and I'm going to tackle them one at a time. My biggest problem is that, in my script's current state, there are times when it will bring up the same card twice, which can't happen in a real divination, since there are only one of each card. So that is going to take some real re-writing of my code. I'll save that problem for last.

First I want to write up a brief description of what the layout placements mean ("Above You", "Before You", etc.). Then I want to add a feature that will give you a tooltip description of the meaning of each card when you hover your mouse pointer over each card. That is going to take some real work too. It'll keep me busy, which is a good thing!

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